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Hard Disk Drives - SSD (148)

What is SSD?

SSD is Solid State Drive. Used for computer storage, which is built inside in modern computer or laptops. Solid State Drives have become much more popular in recent years. SSD are use before in the MacBook, MacBook Pro and other Apple’s laptop along with it.

AztechCom.Online helps you in storing your data and improving the performance of a computer with a huge collection of SSDs. We have a wide range of SSD with us that you may need. SSDs are faster and compatible as compared to HDDs.

Benefits of buying solid state drive:

-More Compact, durable and reliable

-We can access our data in quicker time 100 times more than HDD.

-Its Consume less power.

-Less Noisy experience.

-It creates less heat, so it will work for a longer period.

- Better for Gaming

Types of SSDs:

 Mainly there are three types of SSDs are available in the market. They are:

-M.2 SSD

M.2 SSD is also known as Gum stick SSD because of its size and shape. Me.2 are connected to the motherboard via M.2 socket. It is generally designed for ultrabooks and tablets. Largest size of M.2 SSD is 2 to 4TB.

-2.5 Inch SSD

The 2.5 inch SSD is standard SSD form. It generally fits inside the drive of most of the desktop computer as well as laptops. 2.5 inch SSD is designed in such a way that it can easily replace the connecting interface cables, by assembling the transition to a higher performance drive with ease.

-Add-in Card

Compared to other types of SSDs, Add-in Card SSD are potentially faster. Add-in card is generally used for the graphic card or RAID controllers. AIC drives are connected to slots in the motherboard. Only use in desktop to extend its memory. It enables in moving data at an extremely faster speed and generate a little bit of heat.

What kind of SSD does your Computer Support?

 There are various types of SSD available in the market, in a different form and operate across hardware as well as software connections. Aztechcom.Online provides you with all types of SSDs, which you need for your gaming desktop or building PC.

Generally, in the mid-to-high-end motherboard, the system will already incorporate with modern drive types. In modern slim laptops and computer, you can enhance its storage capacity by shifting solely to the gum-stick-shaped M.2 form SSDs. In some customized laptop, laptop marker is soldering the storage to the motherboard directly.